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Bus bay
Status: Voting (under way)
Proposed by: [[User:User:miklcct|User:miklcct]]
Tagging: bus_bay=left/right/both
Applies to: Way
Definition: A place on the side of a road where vehicles may pull out of the flow of traffic to pick up and drop off passengers
Rendered as: Slightly widen highway resembling the shape of a bus day
Drafted on: 2017-04-06
RFC start: 2017-04-06
Vote start: 2017-04-24
Vote end: 2017-05-08


This proposal adds tagging of bus bays to the database.


Bus bays are obvious features on the roads of significant importance, but no reference of them can be found in the documentation.


A bus bay must be a bay outside the main carriageway (not included in lane count) and not physically separated. It does not matter whether a bus stop is placed at the bus bay or not. The only criteria a bay along a side of the road being considered a bus bay is that the purpose is to pick up and/or drop off passengers.

If the boarding place is physically separated (splits off) from the main carriageway, make a highway=service for it and do not use this tag unless there is really a bay along the carriageway of highway=service.


Split the segment of the highway along the length where the bus bay is located, and add the bus_bay=left/right/both accordingly.

Tagging Meaning
bus_bay=left/bus_bay=right/bus_bay=both indicates on which side of the way the bus bay is at (left/right/both) Compulsory
bus_bay:access=*/bus_bay:left:access=*/bus_bay:right:access=* Indicates whether vehicles can legally use the bus bay to board / alight / load / unload passengers / goods. Replace access with mode of transport. Optional. The left and right subkeys are used to designate access to one side only when bus bays exist on both sides.


Widen the highway a little resembling the shape of a bus bay at the appropriate side of way at high zoom levels.

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