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Carport as buildings
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Jojo4u
Tagging: building=carport
Applies to: Way
Definition: One carport building
Drafted on: 2016-09-28


The tag building=carport is used for one carport building. The carport might provide more than one parking space.


A [W] carport is distinctive enough from building=garage and building=roof so that an own tag should be used. The plural (like building=garages) is not defined since all wide carports I could find can be classified as one structure ([1]] [2]). The key building=* is used since a carport is a type of building=roof.


Image Tagging
Carport In Front Of Garages.jpg
Solar carport (9078555412).jpg


Map a Closed way closed Way and add building=carport. It is not necessary that the carport is currently used for vehicle parking, the tag only describes the building type.

Additional Attributes:

Add amenity=parking/motorcycle_parking/bicycle_parking + building=carports to mark the parking facility. If there are multiple carports at a parking site add the tags to an area surrounding them. These tags are usually not necessary for private parking.

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