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Shared foot- and cycleway
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: ulamm
Tagging: highway=foot_cycleway
Applies to: linear
Definition: Slim tagging of a path or track that is designated for shared use of pedestrians and cyclists on eqal rights.
Rendered as: Shape and colours of the sigature shall be between those of footway and cycletrack

Several coutries have sideways as well as indepdent tracks and paths for shared use of pedestrians and cyclists, marked by a special road sign. This shared use on equal rights has to be distinguished from the permission to cycle on footways in pedestrian speed.


Nowadays, such ways are recorded by a combination of four tags: highway=path or highway=cycleway with bicycle=designated + foot=designated + segregated=no, this does not even include the necessary recording of the cycling direction or bidirectionality and (in a country that provides both possibilities) obligatory vs. optional, nor informations on surface (also inevitable) and widths.

Such a standard class of ways has to be defined by one tag instead of four ones: highway=foot_cycleway

International survey

Australia R8-2.svg Australia sign R8-2
Vorschriftszeichen 17a-a.svg and Hinweiszeichen 28a.svg Austria left: sign 17a-a, obligatory (for both)
right: sign 28a, optional for cyclists)
Belgian road sign D10.svg Belgium sign D10
none Brasilia
Canada road sign - Shared Path.svg Canada
C09acr.jpg Czech Republic sign C 9a
none Denmark
Finland road sign 423.svg Finland sign 423
FR-B54+C113+M9z.png and C115 1.png France left: shared zone for pedestrians and cyclists
right: sign C115 on greenways
Zeichen 240 - Gemeinsamer Fuß- und Radweg, StVO 1992.svg Germany sign 240
Road-sign-p66.svg Greece sign P66
Hungary road sign D-027.svg Hungary sign D-027
Pedestrians and bicycles.png Israel
none Italy
Japan road sign 325-3.svg Japan sign 325-3
Norwegian-road-sign-522.0.svg Norway sign 522.0
Znak C-13-16.svg or Znak C-13-16.png[1] Poland sign C-13-16
Portugal D7e.png[2] Portugal sign D7e
 ? Romania
4.5.2 Russian road sign.svg Russia sign 4.5.2
none [3] South Africa
none Spain
Sweden road sign D6.svg Sweden sign D6
CH-Vorschriftssignal-Gemeinsamer Rad- und Fussweg.svg Switzerland sign 2.63.1
UK traffic sign 956.svg United Kingdom sign 956
none USA


The term ought to be available also for roadline-tagged tracks, such as
highway=secundary + foot_cycleway:right=forward + cycleway:left=backward + sidewalk=left.
That won't be wrong. It's a matter of dicussion, if the name with or without underscore is preferred.


Like highway=footway and highway=cycleway


Signature in an intermediate colour between footway colour and cycleway colour.


Speed score below carriageways and pure cycletracks, but better than tracks and paths with "footway/cycling permitted"-signs.