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Public-images-osm logo.svg shop = hypermarket
WalMart Supercenter Albany.jpg
Combination shop=supermarket and shop=department_store
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Status: Proposed

Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: wagner51
Tagging: shop=hypermarket
Applies to: Node Area
Definition: combination shop=supermarket and shop=department_store
Drafted on: 2008-01-05


A hypermarket is a large store selling groceries, clothing, and other goods that fits the definition of both shop=supermarket and shop=department_store. Commonly known in North America as a superstore or supercenter.

This would alter the current practice of tagging these features as shop=supermarket.


At least in France, there are plenty of hypermarkets (Carrefour, E. Leclerc, Géant Casino, Auchan... essentially). These shops are much larger than supermarkets (at least 2500 m², but often more than 8000m², and up to 25000 m² in France), and are most often located in shopping centres, with many other shops.

A specific key "shop=hypermarket" could help users to know that they would find a larger selection of products to buy, compared to a supermarket.

See definitions on Wikipedia : andé (in french).

Current practice leads to awkward situations when a department_store becomes a supermarket just because a grocery department is added. shop=hypermarket would clarify to data consumers to expect the features of both a supermarket and department_store.



  • Walmart Supercenter
A Walmart Supercenter with grocery, clothing, and other departments Area 58177745 (XML, Potlatch2, iD, JOSM, history)


  • Carrefour

Hypermarkets are commonly found near large population centers and exist in many different countries.

Pages affected

Certain pages acknowledge the existence of hypermarkets as distinct entities. Their tagging recommendations would be changed to shop=hypermarket.

shop=supermarket:"A department store that sells a full selection of groceries (e.g. Walmart Supercentre) which is often called a "hypermarket" should be tagged shop=supermarket"

shop=department_store:"Hypermarkets shop=supermarket. Extremely large supermarket outlets with extensive ranges of clothing, homeware etc, but primarily led by food sales. Examples: Wikipedia Walmart in North America; Wikipedia Carrefour in Europe"

Similar tags

  • shop=department_store - lacks a full service grocery department
  • shop=supermarket - primarily retailing food, lacks multiple clothing departments and large variety of general merchandise
  • shop=mall - multiple separate retail stores

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