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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: russdeffner
Tagging: shop=cannabis
Applies to: Node, Area
Definition: A shop selling cannabis
Drafted on: 2014-12-22
RFC start: 2014-12-22


This is a proposal to create/use shop=cannabis to represent a shop that primarily sells cannabis (aka marijuana) and cannabis products.


Although legal cannabis sales have previously existed in parts of the world, the State of Colorado, USA became the first government to license cannabis retailers to sell to anyone 21 years or older for any, including recreational, usage. On January 1, 2014, several dozen shops opened their doors and the state has issued several hundred more licenses. These stores are different than those in other parts of the world, as they have no other significant function but the retail of cannabis; consumption is not allowed in these places like cafes in Amsterdam; and unlike medical cannabis facilities there are no requirements for the purchaser to have a prescription or the store to provide health care. With this news, and the anticipation of many more dedicated retail stores; as Washington state also has legalized sales and potentially other places to follow there will soon be hundreds if not thousands of these dedicated retail stores. Therefor I propose a specific tag, rather than an auxiliary to another.


These are newly opening, I haven't personally visited one and don't have any pictures or details; the shop=cannabis tag has already been used in at least one case ( but not sure that is specifically a new recreation shop or an existing medical cannabis store, or newly converted from medicine to recreation. A link was provided to a Denver Post article via the Tagging and Talk-US mailing lists describing the new business, how it works, and why it is different


To be tagged much like any other shop; using shop=cannabis on a node or building outline representing the business.

Applies to

This tag applies to nodes or areas, similar to most shop key values.


Possibly a cannabis leaf symbol?

Features/Pages affected

This replaces the proposal for shop=marijuana as shop=cannabis as suggested, is a more proper tag.

I don't believe this would affect any current features or pages as there is currently a lack of tagging for any of the cannabis related industry places (i.e. medical cannabis facilities, cafe/coffee shops where cannabis is sold and/or consumed, etc.) as a search on taginfo for marijuana results in no usage as a Key and less than 20 uses as a value, mostly in a name. A similar result for the word cannabis, with less than 10 appearances. It is not my intent to have this tagging used to represent medical cannabis or other businesses that are not primarily (legally) selling cannabis, those businesses (and places that allow consumption/cafe/bar) should be proposed or documented as separate tag(s) or potentially a tag combination from this root.


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