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A empresa holandesa TomTom fabrica uma gama de hardware de navegação por satélite baseado em Linux, incluindo um software de navegação para automóveis e vários streetmaps. Além disso, eles têm portado seu software para vários PDAs e telefones celulares equipados com Bluetooth ou construídos em GPS receivers.

As unidades de navegação normalmente não gravar faixas. No entanto todas as recentes unidades Tom Tom rodar Linux e permitir que outro software para ser instalado e executado, que se estendem a funcionalidades do firmware original. Algumas ferramentas úteis (para gravar faixas, e outros) estão listadas abaixo:

Usando mapas OSM com TomToms

Screenshot from a TomTom GO 910 running Navit.

As tentativas bem-sucedidas foram feitas com Navit software, veja TomTom em seu wiki. Embora o formato de mapeamento do TomTom seja um segredo muito bem guardado, tanto para proteção contra cópia e porque se você soubesse como eles armazenam os mapas, eles estariam dando um monte de seus segredos de navegação. Como resultado não há software para permitir o mapeamento OSM a ser convertido para o formato que o aplicativo TomTom utiliza e improvável que seja qualquer a menos que TomTom faça isso.

  • ttMaps permite a exibição de mapas raster (formato ECW) para navegação. Ele pode ser usado com mapas OSM baixados.
  • Outro método para mostrar mapas OSM no TomTom poderia ser portar Gosmore para OpenTom. (mail)

Tracking Tools

  • Le Web Bazar offers several add-on applications for tomtom units including
    • NMEALogger dumps the nmea output from the receiver into a log file on the memory card or internal FLASH memory. New logs can be automatically created when the unit is resumed.
    • Tripmaster is a more complex applet, with compass, GPS position and such. It can log directly to GPX or KML files. However, it is using the corrected (copyrighted) position from the tomtom software as default. Therefore it must be switched to "Real" coordinates for collecting tracks for OSM. As a downside of Tripmaster, the TomTom moving map is moving noticably slower (sometimes even freezes for a few seconds) and the TomTom often crashes when selecting a new routing target. The recommended configuration settings (reachable by pressing the ][ button at the bottom right) are:
      • Setup: Coordinates "Real" - to get "uncorrected" GPS coordinates, this is important
  • Event Logger can produce GPX tracks. In early versions the produced GPX tracks were corrected by the TomTom's built-in Maps, and hence using them in OSM is not possible. Versions 6.4 and newer can make a GPX of the raw data from the GPS device. Note: The log interval should be something around 1 second and the Event Logger only logs your position every 10 seconds (?), this is enough to map straight streets but you'll not have enough data to map a turn or smaller details. See this page for more Information about installing Event_Logger on TomTom. --Cohort 2 June 2008 (UTC)
  • ttMaps enables the display of raster maps (ECW format) for navigation. While ttMaps can handle tiled maps, it's faster when using a single big image for each map set. Among the features which are most interesting for OSM users and mappers:
    • Track recording, import and export (GPX)
    • NMEA stream recording
    • Pedestrian mode to get smoother GPS coordinates (must be enabled for OSM data collection)
    • Back and forth switching between several sets of maps, at the touch of a button (installing several OSM map sets rendered at different zoom levels, this feature can be used as a slippy map zooming function)
    • Display of the current or of a stored track (great to visually check which parts have already been explored)
    • Route display (GPX)
    • POI management (GPX and OV2 formats), with position averaging function.
    • Switch off the display after a certain time (configurable) of non-use, for increased battery life. --Kaitu 12:32, 13 May 2009 (UTC)


Feature Tripmaster Event Logger NMEAlogger ttMaps
Save NMEA Stream sim não sim sim
Produce GPX files sim sim não sim
Coordinates not "corrected" (realigned) by TomTom Map Depends on setting Depends on setting/version sim sim
Maximum sample rate 1 sec 4 sec 1 sec 1 sec
System load medium medium fair replaces main application
Supports altitude sim sim sim sim
Supports geoid altitude correction sim sim não sim
Supports external SD-card
sim não sim
Supports local timezone não sim não sim
Supports compressed log files não sim não sim
Flexibility/settings high high low high
User interaction high high medium high
Shows the track over map não route display via .ITN files não sim
Raster maps display não não não ECW (*)
Automatic start at boot
Depends on setting não Depends on setting
Works on most recent (9.026) navcore version Depends on hook sim
Can work also without TomTom's navigation application não não não sim
Open source (GPL) software não não[1] não não
(*):ECW is an image compression format, within which geographical referencing and map projection information can be embedded, suitable for very large images. --Kaitu 18:42, 19 January 2010 (UTC)


OpenTom was a center of 3rd party open-source development for the TomTom. There were two intentions of this project:

  1. One was to write and document the writing of add ons for the normal TomTom software.
  2. The other was to write a new software stack from scratch. Currently, there is no maps or navigation facilities.

Using OSM POI's with TomToms

You can use POI's of OSM in TomTom. Every week Cloudmade exports POI's of the entire world and makes it available to be downloaded via their website [1]. So for example if you want to download POI's for California you would download the file [2] and then extract the contents i.e. the ov2 files on your TomTom.

TomTom Users in the OpenStreetMap community

User Model Logger Comment
AlexZ ONE V3 NMEALogger
Bmarand ONE V1 TTTracklog
Christopher ONE V2 NMEALogger
Cimm only the Bluetooth receiver with 3th party software
Christian Krützfeldt ONE V3
Cohort ONE V3 EventLogger v8.3
cputrdoc GO 920T EventLogger
eclispe ONE V2 NMEALogger
EmJay Navigator 6 on PalmOne TREO 650
farrpau ONE V3 EventLogger
Franc Carter GO 910 - experimenting with TripMaster, EventLogger and NMEALogger to see which I like
User:Gorn GO 910 EventLogger
HBR GO 720T EventLogger Just starting HBR 00:50, 4 January 2009 (UTC)
jcr83 ONE V1 ttMaps v0.7.0
Jean-Yves ONE V3 EventLogger v8.0
Joghurt several
Jon GO 510
Jonnybob ONE XL Tripmaster
kaitu ONE V2 ttMaps
Keichi ONE V3 EventLogger v8.0
user:kollokollo ONE V3 TTTracklog
Langläufer GO 930T NMEALogger 2.0 Tripmaster 3.1 also works fine, but I only want a small logger
user:la_poigne Start TTTracklog
Magne GO 910
Marc tried the cross compiler, want to compile extra stuff, people needed
Mercator GO 910 NMEALogger
mike alder GO 910 for mapping and OSM display on unit
Navisence Rider V2 EventLogger
phobie ONE V4 NMEALogger
Pjw1965 ONE V1 NMEALogger
Robert (Jamie) Munro
User:Rob Latham ONE Tripmaster
Rodrigo Moya
RWoelfel 510 Tripmaster
Sannifrosch ONE v3 TTTracklog successfully using TTTracklog on my device
Simone 300 NMEALogger
Thomas Petazzoni GO 920 Event Logger
Tor Harald Thorland GO 720T NMEALogger 1.5
ULFL Rider Tripmaster
Willi2006 Wireless GPS receiver (Bluetooth) using the Bluetooth receiver with JOSM on a netbook with Windows 7
Wookey have tomtoms, interested in improving software infrastructure for their use with OSM


  1. Licence of EventLogger