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On a municipio by municipio basis, import or manually digitize buildings' footprints with addresses.


Up to this date there hasn't been any buildings import or address points import for Puerto Rico. There are some areas like Viejo San Juan, Puerta de Tierra, Condado where buildings with addresses have been manually mapped thanks to mapping parties and local mappers. This project aims to add building data at a larger scale, but at the same time protecting what's already mapped.

Example of residential buildings with addresses in Guaynabo.


License (source data)

Bayamón, San Juan, Guaynabo: Public domain.

Buildings with Adresses and Height Tags Template

Key Value
building=* yes
height=* "height in meters"
addr:housenumber=* "house number if any"
addr:street=* "name of street if any"
source=* "some entity"
source:en=* "some entity"

Import Process


  • Control Sheet
  • Grid (gpx layer to use as a reference in JOSM)
  • New Buildings (polygons)
  • Buildings' Centroids (for tag conflation with pre-existing bldgs in OSM) ...coming soon

Dedicated user account

The import process outlined above needs to be carried out with a dedicated user account. Follow this pattern for creating a user account name just for this project:


So for user igeopr, the name for the import account would be:


Current status

Bayamón: Finished.

San Juan: Finished.

Guaynabo: Finished.