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With the tagging schema "Simple 3D buildings" you may describe complex buildings for rendering in 3D. At certain places this is used extremely, not only to shape small details of buildings but to show artful objects. The Key:building:part is used like in MineCraft or as Lego blocks. The Key:roof:shape is used to structure sides.

A slippy map user will never see them. This page shows some remarkable examples of them.
Because it is hart to decide what is the more beautiful object, they are ordered by complexity / the number of tagged "building:part"s.

May be there is a way to have a slippy map, showing the dense of the Key:building:part to find places with artwork.

Paris fountainF4.png Paris fountainOSM.png Paris fountain.png
Paris, Place du Châtelet, Fontaine du Palmier - Picture - [OSM] parts: 20

Houses of parliament.png todo