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Zoom level : 12
Latitude : 1.345
Longitude : 103.8169

Singapore Map from 30 Jan 2010

Welcome to OSM Singapore!

The plan is to start doing a rough island and highways after that clean up the city center a bit and then we see how it goes. We need to do a bit of Johor and bintan/batam also to get a bit of surrounding.


User:Stefan8 - Working on Singapore.

User:Singastreet (using josm) - Working on roads located in western & northern parts of Singapore


User:Singeo - Working on area around East Coast Road/Still Road/Changi Road

User:Raiis2001 - Working on area around West (Bukit Panjang/Bukit Timah/orchard areas..)

User:Harishpillay - Working on forested areas gathered during hhh runs.

User:Ghane - Adding names to roads.

User:Tokage - Working on area around Upper Bukit Timah, Bukit Panjang

User:MapEditor - Working on Sembawang mostly. But of course, most parts of Singapore.

User:fusionstream - Working on Tampines/Simei but some parts of Bedok and Pasir Ris as well. Also tagging Marine Features for Singapore over at OpenSeaMap (which uses the same database) - focusing on the northern area for the moment.

User:HangYong - Working on area around West and some less travelled roads around.


User:Ebolwidt - Working from Kolam Ayer (north) area outwards

User:eugenepjk - Staying in the West Side of Singapore. Focusing in that area.


The current OSM Singapore map can be found at: or

Forum / Discussion

A thread has been created in the forum to facilitate sharing of ideas and tips. Please go to here

Additional discussion and updates can also be found in Talk:WikiProject_Singapore

Things that need to be done


  • Roads in private residential areas may be missing correct names.
  • Transit routes.

Detailed Information

  • Buildings information such as address, 3D shapes.

New Buildings

  • Buildings that are unmapped/planned/under construction.

Road tagging

  • Using highway=motorway for expressways, i.e. CTE, ECP, PIE, AYE, TPE, KPE, SLE and so on.
  • Using highway=trunk for semi expressways, i.e. Nicoll highway, Outer Ring Road System and West Coast Highway. See picture from wikipedia
  • Using highway=primary for Singapores main roads except when they fall in category trunk (see suggestion of main roads in wikipedia), assume Upper Thomason and Upper Serangoon also fall in this category and probably a few more??
  • Using highway=secondary for other big roads that are not main roads, like Tanglin road
  • Using highway=tertiary for small roads or alleys, usually roads that service HDB estates.
  • Using highway=residential usually for roads that move between "landed properties". Sometimes for roads that connect different HDB clusters. If there are designated parking lots on one or both sides of the road (some landed properties), see below.
  • Using highway=service for roads that lead into residential neighborhoods. Append service=parking_aisle when there are parking lots on one or both sides of the road, or service=driveway if the road is an access road. Use oneway=yes if appropriate.

Use footway = both/left/right on a road way if there is a side walk. Choose the appropriate value.

Roads which are physically segregated in either direction should be a dual carriage way (2 ways going in opposite direction)


Common address tags to be used are

Building-specific tags are listed in the following table.

HDB Apartments Car Park Condominiums Commercial Others
Building Type building=residential building=yes building=residential building=commercial building=yes
Residence Type residential=HDB residential=condominium
Amenity amenity=parking




To support 3D functionality, building:levels=* may be used to denote the building attributes. More advanced users should refer to Simple 3D buildings or 3D tagging.

In addition, for area zoning, landuse=residential and name=* should be used to demarcate the boundaries of the area. Examples include residential neighborhoods, school boundaries, park boundaries.



Places of Interest

Public Services

  • Police/Fire Services
  • Healthcare Services (Hospitals/Public Clinics)
  • Mail Services (Postal)


  • Malls (and POIs)
  • Parks/Nature Reserves (and Trails)
  • Restaurants/Fast-food/Food Courts, and Bars/Clubs

Public Transport


Bus Services


See Also