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A regional conference of OpenStreetMap, named "State of the Map Africa" (SotM Africa).

State of the Map Africa working group

The SotM Africa WG is part of the OpenStreetMap Africa (OSM Africa) community, its work includes:

  • seeking a host location,
  • arranging sponsorship,
  • organising the detail of the conference,
  • promoting the conference, and
  • running the conference.

Once the conference location is chosen, additional members will join the WG as the "local team". These members will will aid in carrying out it's plan. Local team members may choose to continue as WG members. Generally when referring to the WG we are referring to the whole entity which includes international/ongoing members and local team members.

The local team will be essential in providing on-the-ground information about the venue, suitable accommodation, how to use/understand public transport, etc. However local team members also help and take on WG tasks that can be done remotely, such as contacting sponsors and reviewing talk submissions. Closer to the conference the WG will look for additional volunteers to help at the conference, welcoming delegates, keeping talk sessions on time, and answering questions. A good community of local volunteers helps here too, as they can help delegates with local information (location of amenities, local history or unofficial resident attitudes).

Key aims of the conference

  • Bring together the OpenStreetMap Africa community
  • Keep costs low for attendees
  • Run a scholarship programme

Who is SotM Africa for?

African OSM communities

  • People from all over the world interested in mapping Africa with OSM and its applications

What does it achieve?

  • Share enthusiasm, experience and expertise between African OSM communities
  • Look at the state of the map in Africa and explore ways to pursue the mapping effort
  • Show the work and applications built on the OSM database to solve local problems and develop local digital economy.