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Choice of sales system

There are a number of online systems that can be used for event ticket sales. Two popular ones used by State of the Map groups are EventBrite and CiviEvent (part of CiviCRM).


The international State of the Map used EventBrite up to 2014. It is easy to use and is great for free events. For paid events there is a fee. This comes in two parts - the EventBrite service fee and a payment processing fee. If payments are handled by paypal then the payment processing fee is the standard paypal fee.


CiviEvent is part of CiviCRM, the tool that OpenStreetMap Foundation uses to manage it's membership fees. It is free and can be added to WordPress, Drupal or Joomla sites. The State of the Map working group switched to this system in 2016 as it was already established within the OpenStreetMap Foundation and reduced our fees to just that of the payment processing service (i.e. paypal).

You can test CiviEvent in an demo sandbox.

Creating an event in CiviEvent

The following instructions apply to CiviEvent on the OpenStreetMap Foundation website (WordPress). Instructions for other systems are likely to be very similar.

  • Head over to and log-in
  • In the left hand panel click CiviCRM
  • On the top bar click Events → New Event (if this is not available click Events → Dashboard and from there you can create a new event).
  • Complete the online form to add basic information about your event.
  • Once complete you will be directed to a page where you can further configure the event. Options, such as location and fees are across the top.
  • On the fee page you will need to set the prices and the payment processor (this is set up separately). You can also set discounts during an “early bird” period.
  • If you want to copy details from a previous event you can view these at
  • Click "Save and Done" when complete.