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To do.

Answers to typical questions

Periods of extended stay

It is possible for scholars to extend their stay if:

  1. it does not inversely impact their travel visa process or otherwise put at risk the likelihood of them attending SotM;
  2. it does not increase costs to OSMF (e.g. the flight home must be a similar or cheaper price, or the difference covered by the scholar); and
  3. the extended stay is not too extravagant, thereby bringing in to question whether the applicant even needed a scholarship in the first place.

Return travel

Travel must be a round trip from/to the same location. An alternate return airport is permit-able only if in close proximity to the original (e.g. the next nearest international airport) and is for the purpose of easing travel arrangements only.

See also

  • Handy tool to check visa and passport (minimum number of months before expiration) requirements.