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State of the Map 2016, Brussels

State of the Map is round the corner, this conference is a platform which makes it possible for us to meet fellow OpenStreetMap contributors across the world. It's an opportunity to learn, share and have conversations around different aspects of OpenStreetMap. You can use this table to express your intention for attending SotM 2017. This will help fellow OpenStreetMap contributors to get an understanding about the projects you are working on as well as reach out to you and many others to have conversations related to the same interests.

This will also help you plan your travel as well as stay. You can coordinate this along with other fellow attendees.

Note: Registration is now open. Tickets are limited so register now to avoid disappointment. In order to edit this page and add your information you need to register on the OSM wiki and select "Edit'

Country OSM Username Languages Arrival Date (dd/mm) Departure Date (dd/mm) Projects that I'm currently working on/ My interests Contact Information
UK RobJN English 17/08 20/08 UK Local Chapter
NI SeleneYang English/Spanish 16/08 23/08 Geochicas - Nicaraguan, Argentinian, Paraguayan community
India jaisuvyas Malayalam/English/Hindi/Tamil 17/08 23/08 OSM India Community
Bangladesh aHaSaN[1] English/Bengali 17/08 21/08 OSM Bangladesh Community
Niger ilasolthah French/English/Haussa 16/08 23/08 OSM Niger Community
Albania AnisKoutsi ALbanian/English/Greek 17/08 23/08 OSM Albania Community
Albania Sidorela Albanian/English 17/08 23/08 OSM Albanian Community
Italy mingo23 English/Italian 15/08 23/08 OSM Italian Community, academic research on VGI & OSM
Cyprus andreougm Greek/English/French/Italian 15/08 24/08 Mapping Society (Cornell University)/ academic research, archaeology, cultural heritage management
India oini Bengali/English/Hindi 17/08 21/08 OSM India community
Lithuania seplute English/Lithuanian 16/08 21/08 Crowd2Map Tanzania
Italy napo Italian/English/German 17/08 21/08 OSM Italian Community, open knowledge evangelist, VGI researcher&developer
India manoharuss English/Telugu/Hindi 17/08 21/08 OSM India Community and Mapbox data team
UK BobBarr English/Polish 16/08 21/08 OSM UK
Sri Lanka Suthakaran Tamil/Sinhalese/English 17/08 21/08 World Bank,OpenDRI and Opencities project