Surrey Air Survey

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Surrey Air Survey is a data set provided by Surrey Heath Borough Council, ITO World and others. It contains high resolution photography of Surrey (examples) from 2007/2008 (TBC). This Aerial Imagery has been tiled to be accessible in various map editors. The estimated accuracy is TBC metres. (Further Quality discussion)

Using the images


In the Options, choose "UK: Surrey Air Survey" from the list of sources at the top-left of the panel.


Use the SlippyMap plugin. Instructions for adding custom tile sources can be found at Use:

  • = Surrey Air Survey (Or any name you want)
  • slippymap.custom_tile_source_1.url =
  • slippymap.custom_tile_source_1.ext = png (optional)
  • Minimum zoom: 8
  • Maximum zoom: 19


In the Tools menu, choose TMS Servers and add the following to the boxes:

Name: Surrey Air Survey (or whatever)
Server address:
Path: /surrey/%1/%2/%3.png
Tile size: 256
Minimum zoom: 8
Maximum zoom: 19

Hit Add and select the images in the TMS adapter list in any Map layer.

Source Tag

The source tag to be used when tracing this data is as follows:



Imagery is provided to OSM expressly for tracing. The source imagery is licensed under ODbL