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Public-images-osm logo.svg aeroway = airstrip
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A field or area where light aircraft can land and take off from.
Group: Aeroways
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Useful combination
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Status: in use

The aeroway=airstrip key is used to identify a place such as a farm field, hill slope or similar reasonably flat area where light aircraft can land and take off from. Airstrips are often limited to a particular type of aircraft. Airstrips are frequently used by agricultural aircraft used to spread fertilizer or spray crops at particular times of the year. Airstrips often have no permanent supporting infrastructure and may be grazed by stock when not in active use. The field may need to be overflown before landing to ensure it is safe to use.

Passenger carrying aircraft do not normally use an airstrip unless they are providing joyrides, scenic flights, or are involved in aviation related sports or adventure tourism.

For public or international aerodromes or airports instead use aeroway=aerodrome or use aeroway=heliport when it is meant just for helicopters.

An airstrip can also be tagged with "aeroway=aerodrome" plus "aerodrome=airstrip". The difference is that, as things stand as of Sept. 2017, the renderer will map such a field; where it will not render one with "aeroway=airstrip". Whether that is desirable or not is a matter of debate, and we shouldn't be mapping for the renderer anyway.

How to map


  • Plot as a point of interest node at the airstrip's reference point.
  • Create a straight way showing the centerline of the airstrip runway.
  • Create an enclosed way around the extent of the airstrip field (often co-incident with a barrier of some kind).
  • For complex mapping of airstrip features including the airstrip runway centreline, boundaries, create a relation:multipolygon from the related ways and add the aeroway=airstrip related tags to the relation.

In addition to the aeroway=airstrip tag the following are available:

Useful combination

Tag Description
addr=* Contact address for management
ele=* Elevation. Possibly at arbitrary position, tower, runway centerpoint, etc. See individual elevations on runways and their endpoints for more specificity.
operator=* The name of the operator of the airstrip
phone=* Contact phone number for airstrip management.
variation=* dd[.d] [E|W] [yyyy[-mm[-dd]]] [d.d E|W] . Indicates the magnetic variation (declination) of the magnetic north pole relative to the geographic north pole, the date of measurement, and possibly the rate of change. Example: "12.8 E 2011-11-17 0.1 W" means that a compass will read north 12.8 degrees east (clockwise) of geographic north on 2011-11-17, and that variation currently changes at a rate of 0.1 degree west per year.


  • Not rendered.

Common Synonymous Tags/Possible Tagging Mistakes

:An aerodrome is the most generic term for describing any surface, be it on land or on water, primarily serving for the operation of aeroplanes (where aeroplanes is also a very generic term, including balloons, helicopters, gliders &c)
:"airfield" is a colloquial term with no firm definition. It can include any place where an aircraft can land or take off from, including both public airports that offer passenger transport services and private or military airfields and airstrips that do not offer passenger services. In some variants of English, particularly in North America, "airfield" is synonymous to "airport", the latter word being most common.