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Public-images-osm logo.svg aeroway = taxiway
Where airplanes manouevre between runways and parking areas.
Used on these elements
should not be used on nodes
may be used on ways
may be used on areas
use on relations unspecified
Useful combination
Status: Unspecified

Where airplanes manouevre between runways and parking areas within an airport.

How to map

Draw a ways and add the aeroway=taxiway to it. Additional information can be specified using these keys:

Tag Description
Reference Use the ref= tag for the name of the taxiway.
Surface The surface= tag can be used to identify the physical makeup of the surface of the taxiway. Example: "paved" or "grass".

Use the aeroway=holding_position at holding positions on the taxiway.


Stage Tagging Notes
Proposed aeroway=proposed
A proposed taxiway which is very likely to be constructed. This tag should not be used for pure aspiration. Alternatively use proposed:aeroway=taxiway
Construction aeroway=construction
A taxiway under construction. Alternatively use construction:aeroway=taxiway
In operation aeroway=taxiway An operational taxiway
Disused aeroway=taxiway
A taxiway not in use, which could be brought back into operation. Alternatively use disused:aeroway=taxiway
Abandoned abandoned:aeroway=taxiway When it is unusable or has been reused. Alternatively use abandoned:aeroway=taxiway. For example abandoned:aeroway=taxiway + highway=cycleway


Picture/description Tags Mapnik Osmarender
Bogrunway.JPG aeroway=taxiway --- Rendering-aeroway taxiway.png

See Munich International Airport for a reference.