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Bombardier Dash 8 taxiing at Toronto Island Airport.jpg
Where airplanes manouevre between runways and parking areas.
Group: Aeroways
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Where airplanes manouevre between runways and parking areas within an airport.

How to map

Draw a way Way and add the aeroway=taxiway to it. Additional information can be specified using these keys:

  • ref= - for the name of the taxiway
  • surface=asphalt/concrete/grass/... - physical makeup of the surface of the taxiway.
  • aeroway=holding_position - as Node at holding positions on the taxiway.

Map as Area


Main article: Lifecycle_prefix

Stage Tagging Notes
Proposed aeroway=proposed
A proposed taxiway which is very likely to be constructed. This tag should not be used for pure aspiration. Alternatively use proposed:aeroway=taxiway
Construction aeroway=construction
A taxiway under construction. Alternatively use construction:aeroway=taxiway
In operation aeroway=taxiway An operational taxiway.
Disused disused:aeroway=taxiway A taxiway not in use, which could be brought back into operation.
Abandoned abandoned:aeroway=taxiway When it is unusable or has been reused. Add for example highway=cycleway.


Picture Tags Mapnik
KLM cityhopper aircraft at Munich airport.jpg aeroway=taxiway

See Munich International Airport for a reference.