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A place concentrating on very fast counter-only service and take-away food.
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amenity=fast_food is for a place concentrating on very fast counter-only service and take-away food.

Food is paid for at the counter prior to consuming. Food is served on disposable plates or other material, and eaten with plastic utensils. They usually, but not always, have sit-down facilities ranging from two or three to many easy-to-clean chairs and tables.

The most obvious examples are the US chains such as McDonald's, but also includes places like Subway sandwich shops, and may include "fast casual" places like Chipotle Mexican Grill.

How to Map

Add a node at the centre of the building and add amenity=fast_food to it. You can name it with name=*. If the whole building is used for this feature and its footprint is present in OSM, you can apply the tags on the area if you prefer.

To define what kind of food this place serve you can use the cuisine=* key.

  • drive_through=yes/no - specify if a drive-through service is available
  • drive_in=yes/no - specify if a drive-in service is available





name=Westgate Fisheries

For other types of cuisines check cuisine= please.


  • Mapnik Fast-food-16.svg

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