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An exit from a motorway or other major road.
Group: Highways
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Use the highway=motorway_junction tag to identify a point along a highway=* with junction refs or names where it is possible to exit the highway onto another road. This is usually found along a highway=motorway, but is also applicable to other roads with numbered or named junctions including some highway=trunk and highway=primary roads. Some countries name their motorway junctions (e.g., Germany, France, Italy), while others number them (e.g., UK, US, Spain).

How to use

Add a highway=motorway_junction tag at each node Node along a highway with named or numbered junctions where a driver can legally exit, onto a highway=motorway_link, highway=trunk_link or other road class. This node should be positioned as the last point before the splay at which it is still possible to make a smooth turn. The following tags may also be used at the same point:

exit_to=Burgos (Oeste)

Note for Germany: Links highway=motorway_link between two motorways (i.e., Autobahnkreuz or Autobahndreieck) should be tagged with destination:ref=* according to the ref=* of the motorway the exit leads to if there are signs that state this ref, such as A6.

Relation:destination_sign can be used in non-interchange situations.

Destination of the exit

Main article: Key:destination

The destination of an exit can be indicated on the Way way that branches off from the Node motorway_junction node by destination=* and destination:ref=*. The key destination:lanes=* can provide further details like the exact position of the signpost and the destination of each lane. See the article about the key destination=* and its subkeys for further details and examples.

The alternative key exit_to=* directly on the Node motorway_junction node has the disadvantage that it might be ambiguous in some cases, e.g. on parallel motorways (though using exit_to:right and exit_to:left solves this, which is also a problem for ref=* on the node), that it doesn't work for non-motorway junctions with more than two destinations, and that it does not allow to break down destinations per lane.

Related keys

  • name=* for the name of the junction
  • ref=* for the signposted reference of the junction
  • destination=* to provide information about the destination of an exit

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