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Public-images-osm logo.svg highway = motorway
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High capacity highways designed to safely carry fast motor traffic.
Group: Highway
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The tag highway=motorway is used to identify the highest-performance roads within a territory. Typically, these controlled-access highways have a minimum of two lanes in each direction that are separated by a barrier. Motorways are commonly referred to as a freeway in American and Australian English. These kinds of roads usually have a special designation by the law, with a set of laws specifically applied on them. Non-motorised traffic is banned from using these roads in most territories, with some exceptions, for example rural motorways in western U.S.

For roads that do not meet the above requirements consider using highway=trunk. See Highway:International equivalence for guidance on the use of motorway in different countries.

Use highway=motorway_link for shorter link roads (sliproads/ramps) leading to and from a motorway.

Implied values

While the box on the right lists some implied tags, they have been changed several times, they are often country-specific and the community does not agree about the implications. Please tag them anyways to clear out any doubt.

How to map

highway=motorway, lanes=4, oneway=yes, int_ref=E 451, ref=A 5, destination:Darmstadt

A motorway is normally represented by a series two parallel ways, one for each carriageway tagged with highway=motorway. These ways should all point direction of travel and be tagged with oneway=yes. In the less usual case of a motorway where traffic travels in both directions along the same carriageway use a single way and tag it with oneway=no. When drawing parallel ways, place the nodes for each direction next to each other, which results in a better representation on most maps. The following tags may be applicable:

Tagging scheme for highway=motorway
Tag Description Example
name=* Name of the motorway. Autostrada dei Fiori
ref=* Highway code in the national highway network. A 3
oneway=yes See section #How to map
lanes=* Number of lanes. 3
maxspeed=* The maximum speed which is allowed (in km/h). 130
minspeed=* Minimum speed which a vehicle must be capable of to use the motorway (in km/h). 50
destination=* Name of town for the direction of the motorway. Normally the town written on the sign which belongs to the motorway-link. Frankfurt
carriageway_ref=* In the UK, the reference number for the carriageway, as displayed on Highway Agency signing B

Consider adding the all of these ways to a relation of type (what type of relation? PeterIto 02:47, 20 January 2013 (UTC)).

Use highway=motorway_junction at each point along a motorway with numbered exits to identify the exit number.

International equivalence

Country Roadsign Description More
Australia Motorways, freeways, and freeway-like roads.
Divided roads with 2 or 3 lanes in each direction, limited access via interchanges, no traffic lights. Generally 100 or 110 km/h speed limit. For example: Hume Freeway.
Australian Roads Tagging
Austria Autobahn Autobahn WikiProject Austria/Autobahnen
Belarus автомагистраль (avtomagistral')
Belgium Autosnelweg/Autoroute/Autobahn nl:autosnelweg fr:autoroute de:autobahn maxspeed=120 km/h
Brazil Autoestradas, >80 km/h
Croatia Autocesta
Czech Republic Dálnice Dálnice WikiProject Czechia/roads tagging
Denmark Motorvej Motorvej Danish Map Features
Dominican Republic Autopista
France France road sign C207.svg autoroute (A) Fr:Map Features
Germany Autobahn Autobahn WikiProject Germany/Autobahn
Greece Αυτοκινητόδρομος Αυτοκινητόδρομος
Hong Kong Hong Kong road sign (Expressway Begins).svg Designated expressways and other public roads with expressway-like rules. Zh-hant:Hong Kong tagging
Hungary Autópálya Autópálya WikiProject Hungary/Gyorsforgalmi út
Indonesia Indonesia road sign (Guide) 4a.svg Jalan Tol
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Freeway in Iran.png
The Freeways according to the definition of Iranian National Standardization Organization.
Israel Dálnice Kwish Mahir
Italy Autostrada Autostrada, compresi i raccordi autostradali come le tangenziali di Milano e il Grande Raccordo Anulare di Roma. It:Italian Roads Tagging
Japan Japan road sign 325.svg Expressways or motor roads. Normally divided with 2 or more lanes in each direction.
Korea Korean Highway 3.svg Divided, grade-separated highway with 2 or more lanes in each direction designated by a red and blue shield (toll roads). Also, some National Routes (blue oval) which have been upgraded to Motorway status (toll-free). Ko:Map Features
Korea Motorways
Netherlands Autosnelweg Autosnelweg Kaarteigenschappen
Norway No sign-MotorwayStart Duel-502.pngNo sign-MotorwayStart Singel-503.png Motorvei & Motortrafikkveg
Poland Autostrada Autostrada WikiProject Poland/Klasyfikacja dróg
Portugal Auto-estrada – the national road institute changed the reference to IP (Itinerário Principal) or IC (Itinerário Complementar). There are still some "Auto-estradas" not renamed so they keep the name.
Romania Romania road sign G6.svg Wikipedia Autostradă
Russia 5.1 Russian road sign.svg автомагистраль (avtomagistral'), которая уже имеет статус trunk. RU:Map Features:highway
Slovak Republic DiaľnicaRýchlostná cesta Diaľnica & Rýchlostná cesta
Spain Autopista/Autovía WikiProject Spain/Autopista Normalización
Sweden Motorväg Sv:Map Features#Vägar
Switzerland Autobahn Autobahn / autoroute
Turkey Turkey road sign B-18.svg Wikipedia Otoyol
UK UK traffic sign 2901.svg motorway
US A freeway, turnpike, or interstate
Grade-separated highway, normally divided with 2 or more lanes in each direction. Access by ramps only. This includes all Interstate Highways (with a couple of rare exceptions) and some US and state highways (or portions thereof).

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