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Important roads that are not motorways.
Group: Highway
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should not be used on nodes
may be used on ways
should not be used on areas
use on relations unspecified
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Use highway=trunk for high performance roads that don't meet the requirement for highway=motorway. See Highway:International equivalence for guidance on the use of 'highway=trunk' in different countries.

How to map

Map dual carriageway.png

To map a simple trunk road you can just draw a line for it. Select all ways which belong to the trunk road and tag them with highway=trunk. As always, use oneway=yes when it is not possible to drive in both directions on the trunk road, and make sure the way points in the same direction as the oneway goes.

In the case of a dual carriageway you should draw one way for each direction and tag each direction separately. Position the nodes in alignment (as shown), this gives a better result when the map will be rendered and indicates directly that both ways belong together.

To attach more information for the trunk road you should add further keys.

  • maxspeed=Number indicates the maximum speed which is allowed
  • minspeed=Number indicates the minimum speed which need to be reached to use the trunk road
  • name=Name of the road
  • ref=reference name for a german example: "B 6" (Please look for your country, how this is written correctly)
  • lanes=Number to indicate how many lanes exist on the trunk road.
  • motorroad=yes (don't use trunk-only for primary motorroads!)
  • destination=* Indicates where the trunk goes to. Consider the direction of the way and use the name of the city written on the sign which belongs to the trunk_link: for example "London" (for trunk_link see highway=motorway_link)

Special situations

In the case you do not have a normal trunk road you should take a look on these sites:

  • highway=trunk_link - The link roads (sliproads / ramps) leading to and from a trunk road.
  • bridge=yes - If the trunk road goes over a street or waterway.
  • tunnel=yes - If the trunk road goes below a street or waterway.

International equivalence

Below is a comparison of how some of the tags are assigned in different countries. Users should consult the guide for the particular country for more details and additional tags. See Category:Projects for country specific projects and Tagging for list of country specific tagging guides.

Country trunk more
Australia National highways; state strategic road network.
Connecting major population centres. For example Bruce Highway, Pacific Highway.
Australian Roads Tagging
Austria Autostraße No sign-MotorwayStart Singel-503.png WikiProject Austria/Schnellstraßen
Belgium Expressweg/Route express
Brazil Rodovias nacionais (national highways, such as BR-262), vias expressas urbanas (urban expressways), 70-80 km/h
Bulgaria Скоростен път с поне две ленти във всяка посока. Ограничението на скоростта не трябва да е по-малко от стандартното (50 км/ч за населени места, 90 км/ч извън тях).
Croatia Expressways (Brza cesta) and motorroads (cesta za promet motornih vozila) WikiProject Croatia/Ceste
Czech Republic Silnice pro motorová vozidla: Silnice pro motorová vozidla and other major 4-lanes highways mainly in urban areas
Denmark Motortrafikvej DK motortrafikvej.png Da:Map Features
Finland Valtatiet/National Highways Fi:Map Features
France Rocade, voie rapide ou voie express. Voie ayant les caractéristiques d'une autoroute. En général, une 2x2 voies avec séparation centrale.
Par défaut : lanes="2", maxspeed="110" (sauf périph. Paris: 80)
+ ref="Nxx" ou "Dxx"
+ oneway="yes"
+ lanes="x" (si voies <> 2)
Fr:Map Features
Germany Autobahnähnliche Straßen (Wikipedia), wie definiert in den Richtlinien für die wegweisende Beschilderung außerhalb von Autobahnen, kurz RWB. Die Straßen sind an dieser schwarz-gelben bzw schwarz-weißen Beschilderung erkennbar, wie vom Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Bau- und Wohnungswesen veröffentlicht. (Videofahrt)

Roads similar to motorways as defined in German Signpost Regulations outlying of Bundesautobahns with these black-yellow or black-white signposts as published by German Federal Ministry of Traffic, Building and Housing. (Street-Video)

Hong Kong Roads with route number, but not expressways or tunnels HK:Hong Kong tagging#街道分類 Classifications of streets
Hungary Autóút
Indonesia National Roads. Different by island.
Ireland (Republic) National Primary Routes, regardless of build quality. Currently numbered N1-N33. Signed in white lettering on a green background.
Israel National Primary Routes, regardless of build quality. They are numbered with one or two digits. Red numbers on a white background surrounded by green border. 50px-ISR-HW3.png 50px-ISR-HW10.png WikiProject Israel He:Map Features
Italy Strade a carreggiate separate che si pongono a metà strada tra Autostrade/Tangenziali e le Statali. Può anche essere classificato così il tratto di svincolo di un'autostrada-tangenziale che porta al centro città. Per segnalare l'esistenza di restrizioni di accesso identiche a quelle in vigore per le autostrade, usare motorroad=yes. Solitamente le Strade extraurbane principali sono di questo tipo.
Japan 国道/National Highways
Korea Divided highway without ramps.
Higher speeds. Few stop lights or stop signs.
Morocco Rocade, expressway.2x2 Divided highway, every intersections with roundabout.speedlimit 80 or 100 km/h
Netherlands Autoweg Nl:Map Features
Norway Nation infrastructure road (Riksvei) that are not "Motorvei" , green signs, include E-roads class A and B No sign-Eroad.png No sign-NoneEroadTrunk.png No:Map Features#Road classes
Poland Znak D7.svgExpressway (Polish: Droga ekspresowa) – high-speed, limited-access highway with similar restrictions as in case of motorways (no bikes/horses/tractors allowed), but a bit lower technical parameters. In contrast to motorways it has lower speed limit (140 km/h for motorways vs. 120/100 km/h for dual/single carriageway expressways), it can be single carriageway (most are dual, however) and can have intersections with main roads (except for other expressways and motorways; but in practice probably there are no intersections on any Polish expressway). Reference numbers for expressways in Poland have 'S' prefix, for example S5 Tabliczka S5.svg. WikiProject Poland/Klasyfikacja dróg
Portugal Via Rápida
Romania highway=trunk is used for any national road part of a European corridor or express ways (do not exist in Romania); along with the national road shield (white on red background) RO Roadsign 1.png there are also plates similar to this No sign-Eroad.png . The ref=* tag has the format DNn, DNnn or DNnnx (n=0-9, x=A-Z), while the tag int_ref=* has the format Enn or Ennn.
E.g.: DN6/E60, DN2/E85 .
Ro:Map Features#Drumuri
Slovak Republic Cesta pre motorové vozidlá: Cesta pre motorové vozidlá and other high-speed 4-lane roads exclusive for motor vehicles
Switzerland Autostrasse / autoroute de 2eme classe (semi-autoroute)
UK primary A road (green signs)
US Surface expressway: A relatively high-speed divided road (at least 40 MPH with a barrier or median separating each direction of traffic), with a limited amount of intersections and driveways; or a major intercity highway. This includes many U.S. Highways (that do not parallel an Interstate) and some state highways. Wikipedia reference


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