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Public-images-osm logo.svg landuse = farmyard
Area of land with farm buildings (farmhouse, dwellings, farmsteads, sheeds, stables, barns, equipment sheds, feed bunker)
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An area of land with farm buildings like farmhouse, dwellings, farmsteads, sheeds, stables, barns, equipment sheds, feed bunkers, etc. plus the open space in between them and the shrubbery/trees around them. These areas are often fenced in. (american english: barnyard)

When to use landuse=farm

This tag landuse=farmyard was introduced to resolve the ambiguous use of landuse=farm in the past, as some mappers used it to tag farmland, other to tag farmyards (this was a result of the ambiguous meaning of the word farm in the english language and even more in the german translations).

As a consequence the tag landuse=farmland is now only used for farm land (i.e. areas used for tillage and pasture), and not the areas which are better described as a farmyard, and landuse=farm is not recommended.


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