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A park. Open, green area for recreation, usually municipal
Used on these elements
should not be used on nodes
should not be used on ways
may be used on areas
use on relations unspecified
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Status: Unspecified

A park. Open, green area for recreation, usually municipal. These are outdoor areas, typically grassy/green areas, set aside of leisure and recreation.

Typically (or pretty much always) open to the public, but may be fenced off, and may be closed; e.g., at night time.

Mapping parks

ElementArea.png - You might possibly mark a very small park with a node, but even for small parks it is more useful to draw in an area.

Footpaths (highway=footway ways) leading into a park from a road, should always be connected to the road for routing purposes. It's debatable whether they should connect to the park area with a shared node, or cross over the polygon without connecting. TODO discuss

Note: Lakes and forests in/around a park belongs to it, so don't use a multipolygon to exclude them!

National Parks

The normal view of a park is a green area within a town or cities. Parks in rural locations (e.g., areas named "National parks") are a totally different kind of thing. leisure=nature_reserve and boundary=national_park could be used, and not this leisure=park tag. example. There is also this proposal: boundary=protected_area.


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Possible Tagging Mistakes

amenity=park - If you know places with this tag, verify if it could be tagged with another tag. You must not do automated edits!