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Uncultivated land covered with bushes or stunted trees.
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Scrub (shrubland, scrubland, brush) is a plant community characterized by vegetation dominated by shrubs (bush), often also including grasses, herbs, and geophytes. It may be the mature vegetation type in a particular region and remain stable over time, or a transitional community that occurs temporarily as the result of a disturbance, such as fire


Tagging scheme for natural=scrub
Tag Description Example
name=* Name of site.
wood=* Type of woodland. deciduous, mixed


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The widely-used Anderson (1976) classification system has detailed descriptions of scrub. Particular attention should be paid to these classifications:

  • 3 Rangeland
    • 31 Herbaceous Rangeland
    • 32 Shrub and Brush Rangeland
    • 33 Mixed Rangeland

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