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Public-images-osm logo.svg place = islet
L'Île au Dgèrdain Saint Brélade Jèrri 2004.jpg
A very small island.
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An islet is a very small island (there is an opinion, that it means islands with area less than 1 km²). Types of islet include rocks with some vegetation, small river islands, subsidiary islands, sea stacks and isolated sand bars. Some islets are tidal islands meaning that they're only surrounded by the sea during high-tide.

A definitive criteria for choosing between this and place=island has not yet been developed.

How to map

Area Draw a node at the location of the islet or a closed way counterclockwise along the coastline of the islet. Then add the tag

If you did draw the coastline, add either natural=coastline or add the way into a multipolygon relation depending on how the surrounding water is tagged.

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