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High-voltage power lines supported by towers or pylons.
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High-voltage power lines supported by towers or pylons. For small power lines using poles (power=pole) it is suggested to use power=minor_line instead.

How to Map

Draw a Way way and add the power=line to it. The towers that support the power line can be mapped using power=tower. It is not necessary to tag power lines with a layer=* unless two lines cross over each other.


It is also possible to give some additional and advanced information about power lines :

  • The number of wires=* per conductor.
  • You may look at cables=* for the number of power-carrying conductor (bundles of wires) the line is composed of.
  • circuits=* corresponds to the number of electrical circuits (logical bundles of cables). The tag may be used when the number of physical cables is unknown (often the case for underground cable connections) or when the number of circuits is different from cables=* divided by 3 (or by the number of phases of the line).


Picture/Description Tags Mapnik
Electricity pylon and power lines


Power lines by voltage using the power lines map from ITO Map

In addition to rendering on power lines on the standard mapink view the following services are also available:

See also

  • power=minor_line For small power lines supported on poles, in particular those having a voltage below 50 kV.
  • power=cable For underground or sea cables.