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French distribution line with transition.jpg
Power line pole or small mast
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Possible key for poles or small masts of overhead power lines with low- or medium-range voltages between about 0.4 and 30 kV. 0.4 kV lines (such as the one in the third image of the four examples) are still often found in small towns and villages. Outside villages in rural areas, the medium-voltage net is also often made of overhead lines on poles or small masts. At the terminal masts, the line either changes to an underground cable or goes into a transformer which steps down to about 400 V.
(The voltages described here fit best for Germany and maybe other countries using 230 V. If you can add different voltages and also examples of power lines in other countries, please do so.)

See also:  power=tower

Please don't confuse these with overhead lines which are not for energy supply, e.g. those used for telephone wires.

Possible combinations

power=pole (small power line pole or mast)
+ operator=* (optional)
+ ref=* (optional)

To mark poles where the minor-line is connected to an underground cable:


If the pole supports a distribution transformer, add transformer=yes or transformer=distribution along with tags describing the transformer (voltage=*, rating=*, etc).

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