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Deprecated tag for substation
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A substation is a used to step-up or step-down the voltage=* within an electrical power grid. It is generally linked to the rest of the network by one of more sets of power=lines which may contain one or more power=transformers.

The power=station is now deprecated for those facilities.

How to Map

Nodes can be used for small substations. Areas are better for larger ones using aerial photography to identify their extent. Substations can vary in size from small little buildings the size of a garden shed to much larger installations to size of many football fields.

Associated tags:

  • name=* The name of the facility
  • operator=* The name of the company operating the substation.
  • voltage=* The highest voltage of operation within the facility

New substation tagging scheme

A new tagging scheme for substations has been introduced to replace this tag, see power=substation. It is strongly recommended to use power=substation instead of power=sub_station when mapping substations.

A note about retagging

The currently approved tag for substations is now power=substation. However, please take note of the following.

First of all: Do not perform mass retagging of power=sub_station objects (this would be considered a mechanical edit). Secondly, don't retag substations just for the purpose of 'correcting' the tag but take the opportunity to review the object and add useful information. In particular it is very desirable to add the voltage=* and/or the substation=* type if those tags are missing. When known also add the substation name and/or operator. For larger substations covered by good quality aerial imagery you may also consider mapping internal components such as busbars, bays and transformers.