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Public-images-osm logo.svg railway = level_crossing
Level crossing - Chertsey - England - 270404.jpg
A crossing between a railway and a road.
Used on these elements
may be used on nodes
should not be used on ways
should not be used on areas
should not be used on relations
Status: Approved Page for proposal

A level crossing (where a road crosses a railway, usually with a gate and big flashing traffic light)


Use this tag on a node Node. The node should be the one common to both the highway and the railway.

The tag level_crossing=* is often used to state the type of crossing, such as automatic_barrier, traffic_signals or uncontrolled.

Additional tags

  • Use supervised=yes when the gate is manually operated by a gatekeeper/signalman (de: Bahnwärter). Such old-fashioned level crossings still exist in many countries.
  • crossing:barrier=* to indicate the barrier if not tagged individually.
  • crossing:light=* to add infomation about lights

See also

See also

Tag:railway=crossing for points where pedestrians can cross a railway