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Public-images-osm logo.svg route = bus
New Routemaster Route 148 to Camberwell.jpg
The route of a bus service.
Group: Buses
Used on these elements
should not be used on nodesshould not be used on waysshould not be used on areasmay be used on relations
Useful combination
Status: In use

This tag is used on relations which map the route of a bus service.

See Buses and route relations for buses.

How to tag a bus route relation ?

Key Value Comment
type route (mandatory)
route bus (mandatory)
ref reference The reference by which the route is known. e.g. 4, 4A, X13, etc. (recommended)
operator operator Name of the company that operates the route.
opening_hours service hours The service hours of the bus route
name individual name The name of the route or line.
network local / regional network Name (abbr.) of the network; e.g., BVG, RMV. (optional)
wheelchair yes / no / limited Indicates if the buses on the route are low-floor busses for wheelchairs. (optional)
colour ex: red / #FFEEDD The "official" color for the bus route. identifiers in some cities. (optional)
distance distance (default in km) (optional) The distance of the bus route as stated in official documents
roundtrip yes/no (optional) whether the bus route is circular
to name Destination station
from name Start station
via name important via station (e.g. the mid-point of a circular route)


Way/node Role Recurrence? Discussion
Way (blank)/route Zero or more The ways making up the route.
Way forward/backward Zero or more If a route should be followed in only one direction for some or all of its length, the "role" can indicate this for some or all of the constituent ways. "Forward" means the route follows this way only in the direction of the way, and "backward" means the route runs only against the direction of the way.
Node stop Zero or more A bus stop or train halt/station, on the route. The order of the members in the relation should be identical to the order in the timetable.
Node Way Area platform Zero or more A bus or train platform belonging to the route. The order of the members in the relation should be identical to the order of the stops in the timetable.