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A Do-it-Yourself-store offers supplies for doing things yourself - household repairs and improvements, making things from wood and other materials.
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Do-It-Yourself-stores (DIY for short) are similar to hardware stores, except they are generally larger and stock a wider range of products. Products sold may include hand tools, power tools, self-assembly furniture, decorating products, bathroom and kitchen furniture and fittings, garden furniture, electrical goods, fencing, flooring, and more. Their target customers are non-professionals working on home improvements, redecorating, gardening work, etc.

Examples of Do-It-Yourself-stores: Hubo (Belgium), Brico (Belgium), Mitre 10 (Australia), B&Q (UK), Ace Hardware (USA) ... The name of the store can be supplied using the name=-tag.

In Germany, this type of shop is called Baumarkt, examples are Bauhaus, Hornbach, Obi, Praktiker, Hagebaumarkt.


  • shop=doityourself
  • name=* the name of the market (e.g. Hubo, Brico, Praktiker, Home Depot, Lowes...)