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Taiyuan, China
latitude: 37°52′10″N, longitude: 112°33′37″E
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Taiyuan is a city in China at latitude 37°52′10″N, longitude 112°33′37″E. Taiyuan is the administrative center and capital of Shanxi Province, People's Republic of China.

Administrative Division

Taiyuan consists of 6 urban districts, 1 county-level city and 3 counties. There are 43 subdistricts and 83 towns/townships. In total, there are 1258 neighborhoods, 1288 administrative villages and 1805 natural villages within Taiyuan's administrative boundary.

Urban Districts

Xiaodian District (小店区)

Xiaodian District includes 6 subdistricts, 1 town and 2 townships: Wucheng Subdistrict (坞城街道), Yingpan Subdistrict (营盘街道), Beiying Subdistrict (北营街道), Pinyang Subdistrict (平阳街道), Huangling Subdistrict (黄陵街道), Xiaodian Subdistrict (小店街道), Beige Town (北格镇), Xiwenzhuang Township (西温庄乡), Liujiabao Township (刘家堡乡). There are 78 neighborhoods and 98 villages.

Yingze District (迎泽区)

Yingze District includes 6 subdistricts and 1 town: Liuxiang Subdistrict (柳巷街道), Wenmiao Subdistrict (文庙街道), Miaoqian Subdistrict (庙前街道), Yingze Subdistrict (迎泽街道) Qiaodong Subdistrict (桥东街道), Laojunying Subdistrict (老军营街道) and Haozhuang Town (郝庄镇). There are 89 neighborhoods and 29 villages.

Xinghualing District (杏花岭区)

Jiancaoping District (尖草坪区)

Wanbailin District (万柏林区)

Jinyuan District (晋源区)


  • Gujiao City 古交市
  • Qingxu County 清徐县
  • Yangqu County 阳曲县
  • Loufan County 娄烦县