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Missing Documentation

Mapping created_by -> editor

I cannot find any information on how "created_by" is mapped to the "editor" field used in the result tables. Probably this boils down to a list of regular expressions along with the resulting editor name. Are these documented somewhere, if not can you please make them publicly available? Thanks! Mmd (talk) 10:33, 2 May 2014 (UTC)

editor Regular Expression
iD tbd
JOSM tbd
Potlatch 2 tbd
Merkaartor tbd
Go Map!! tbd
Vespucci tbd
Pushpin tbd
OsmAnd tbd
Potlatch 0.x/1.x tbd
osmapis tbd
PythonOsmApi tbd
iLOE tbd
FreieTonne tbd
ArcGIS Editor tbd
osmtools tbd
OpenMaps tbd
Mapzen tbd tbd tbd
WebDRI tbd
KMLManager tbd
osmitter tbd
Redaction bot tbd
Roy tbd
FindvejBot tbd
OSMPhpLib tbd
Other tbd
not specified tbd