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Moved the discussion here: From MikeCollinson

  • motorway - Northern Luzon Expressway, South Super Highway (as far as EDSA with limited turn-offs).
  • trunk - National Roads (for example the McArthur Highway and The National Highway down Laguna de Bay)
  • trunk - Other very major urban arterial roads, e.g. EDSA, Roxas Boulevard, C-5
  • primary - Other main roads in cities (e.g. Pasay Road, Buendia) and between towns.
  • secondary - Routes to get across a local area, for example the road you need to take to get into a Barangay
  • tertiary - A central street within, or crossing through the barangay, with substantial traffic
  • residential - All other streets with mostly houses, particularly inside barangays.
  • service - Access roads for places such as car parks
  • unclassified - everything else

It is not always easy, for example would you classify Espana / Quezon Avenue as primary or trunk?

Here's a link to the map features page describing each class of highway. They are UK roads, but the pictures should give some ideas as to what each class of roads look like.

From maning: Officially, Philippine roads are classified by administrative jurisdiction as: National Roads, Provincial Roads, Municipal Roads, Barangay Roads.

By its function that's also a different case, for instance in the rural areas, some roads maybe classified in the above classes but maybe used for other purposes.

By its physical condition, that's also another thing. Again in the rural areas, some roads maybe classified physically as tracks (dirt roads, unpaved gravel roads), but functions as a major link from different towns and municipalities.

from IanHaylock: Primary road is one that is suitable for HGV's. Yes I know a HGV driver in this country considers any road suitable :-) But going on this it would mean that dual carriage ways should all be primary, and only the largest i.e. four lane roads could be considered primary roads. Classifying a road as primary because it's the primary route between two places is not correct. Having a road marked as a "national highway" does not help either, as a road near me ("Molino Road") starts at Alabang as a two lane road, which is unsuitable for HGV's. Though later on the road does become wider and suitable for HGV's. I have only used unclassified once for a road in Laguna which consisted of a concrete strip just one lane wide.

I've not seen this definition before. Though I did read recently that the original intent, now scrapped, behind marking some primary roads in the UK as "trunk" was to define a arterial system for HGVs. MikeCollinson 09:08, 4 February 2008 (UTC)

I have been labelling all dual carriageways, as primary roads. Roads that I use to travel from place to place that aren't dual carriageways, I have been labelling as secondary roads. I noticed some trunk roads in Manila whan I was convertng them to 2 seperate ways, as they were dual carriage ways, and so left them as trunk roads.

from sorabsuperstar So how do we define "tertiary" then? In the Barangay i want to focus on for now, which is Legaspi in Makati (i know the area very well), all so far existing roads were tagged "tertiary". (to be precise, IanHaylock tagged them so) Albeit the fact that there are huge highrisers there, i would say many of these roads still are "residential" roads, meaning "other streets inside brgy". (@Ian: therefore i may continue retagging them to "residential" in course of updating traffic rules to these streets?) For me "tertiary" should be defined as a road that is not really connecting barangays, but is a central street within or cross-through the barangay, with substantial traffic . In (my) Brgy. Legaspi, Legaspi Street and Dela Rosa would be an examples for this.

I think you are right. Until recently, I've not used tertiary for tagging at all in any of the countries I map in. But then I found that some of roads I was marking as unclassified or residential are a sort of main road for a local area and needed emphasis on a rendered map - so I use tertiary. MikeCollinson 09:08, 4 February 2008 (UTC)

Tricycle terminal

I propose we add this


re: Change of road types

Pedestrians can cross on certain stretches, provided that it is a dual carriageway kind of road, and/or tagged as highway=crossing. Also, footbridges and tunnels used for pedestrian purposes are to be connected by the roads/streets into this setup or a similar one. I've previously changed the classification of the MacArthur Highway (from somewhere in Pampanga to Maysan Road in Valenzuela City) from primary to trunk (per this question here) due to the fact that the said road is probably the only alternative to NLEX, and it is one of the major arteries coming to and fro Metro Manila (its southern terminus), Bulacan, Pampanga, and the rest of Northern Luzon. -Ianlopez1115 12:30, 3 August 2009 (UTC)