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KISS : reuse an existing model boundary=place

In short: if you want to tag boundaries, use the model for boundaries! That's it.

Tagging an official boundary is made using a relation. It works, and well. Just add the boundary=place for possible boundary usage. See for details and advantages of this model compared to yours (left:name and similar are not needed for instance if two places have a common boundary, you boundary checkers etc...).

Why trying to map a similar feature (a non official boundary) using a different model? It would just make OSM harder to use. On top of that some such places like neighborhoods may a official in some places, not official elsewhere. If an informal boundary becomes formal we would have to remap instead of changing the boundary type.

The idea that relations would be too complex doesn't last as the potential issue is a tool issue. If a simple relation is too complex for the contributor or the contributor has too little knowledge of OSM or s-he hasn't found the right to create the relation. You need to sketch a (multi-)polygon (boundary) and/or a node (the center) and give them a name. A single name (in your proposal you would have to duplicate the info like possibly others (population...). And that's it.

The tool can create the relation. For instance [[1]comcommaker] aggregate boundaries to create new entities without need of relation knowledge.

So voting against your proposal in advance. --Nospam2005 (talk) 21:14, 23 June 2017 (UTC)