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Mais formas de Contato

Tem informações na versão em inglês que não tem em português, como por exemplo:


  7.1 Using personal messages at

    When you are on someone's user page ([user_name]), then you can use the link "send message" to send a message (you have to log in) to this user (who will be able to respond to your mail, but neither you nor the other will see the real e-mail addresses). You can have a look in the user's recent edits there to see if the user is active currently.

    How to get to someone's user page?

    If you know a user name, type in the URL manually in your browser's address bar:[user_name] by replacing [user_name] with the mapper's user name.
    There are various ways you might discover a mapper's name. In the data browser and changeset history displays, you can list users who have edited in an area or a specific object.
    Find other users via tools which are showing nearby users.

  7.2 Using changeset discussions

    If your query is about a single changeset, you could use the "Changeset Discussion" feature (details: see link) to discuss it. 

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