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  • {{CoordinateHMS|-49.2|South|North}} gives: 49° 12′ 0″ South.
  • {{CoordinateHMS|-49.2|南緯|北緯|lang=ja}} gives: 南緯49度12分0秒.
  • {{CoordinateHMS|7.00|West|East}} gives: 7° 0′ 0″ East.
  • {{CoordinateHMS|7.00|西経|東経|lang=ja}} gives: 東経7度0分0秒.


The lang parameter is optional, otherwise it takes as default value the language code inferred from the current page (using {{Langcode}}).
For example, Japanese uses kanjis (instead of maths symbols, with space separators) for angle units, and displays the hemisphere before the angle units.

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