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This is a Featured image, which means that it has been identified as one of the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or that it provides a useful illustration of the OpenStreetMap project. If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on Featured image proposals.

Front-page image for week 42 of 2017 (16–22 Oct.).

Image descriptions
  • English : The PRODEPA state agency created an online map of the city of Belém, State of Pará, Brazil, showing the location of a dozen of processions, and of points of interest, temporary medical facilities and blocked streets, for the “Círio de Nazaré” religious festival, gathering more than 2 million people during 2 weeks in October 2017.
  • français : L’agence d’État PRODEPA a créé une carte en ligne de la ville de Belém (État de Pará, Brésil) qui montre l’emplacement d’une douzaine de processions, ainsi que les points d’intérêt, les postes médicaux temporaires et les rues bloquées, pour le festival religieux « Círio de Nazaré » où se rassemblent plus de 2 millions de personnes durant deux semaines d’octobre 2017.
  • italiano : L'agenzia statale PRODEPA ha creato una mappa online della città di Belém, Stato di Pará, Brasile, che mostra la posizione di decine di processioni e punti di interesse, postazioni mediche temporanee e strade chiuse, per il festival religioso “Círio de Nazaré”, che ha richiamato più di 2 milioni di persone nell'arco di 2 settimane a ottobre 2017.
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This is used in "File:" description pages to show their "featured" status and display all translated captions that are used on the main page of the wiki. It also categorizes the image in a relevant category by year where it is sorted by week number (instead of by its internal file name).

Note that it is not necessary for the image to be uploaded to this wiki, it can also be uploaded on Wikimedia Commons. But it can still have a local description page which will be rendered on this wiki below the description rendered by Wikimedia commons: use this template only on the local description page for such file, independantly of the descriptions and licensing information coming from Wikimedia Commons (note that categories and other metadata used on Wikimedia Commons for this file are not borrowed automatically, only its description page generated by Wikimedia Commons will be rendered on this wiki).


  • {{Featured date|year1|week1}} for a publication during one week only, specified by ISO year and ISO week numbers (every ISO week contains 7 days, from Monday to Sunday; ISO week 1 in an ISO year alway includes the 4th day of January, and the first Thursday of the calendar year; the 1st January may be part of the last week of the previous year if it is between Monday and Wednesday; there can be only 52 or 53 full ISO weeks per ISO year, so ISO years can only have either 364 days or 371 days).
    The example displayed above this documentation shows how this templates renders (in English) with the current ISO week {{#time:W}}={{CURRENTWEEK}}=42, part of the current ISO year {{#time:o}}=2017. The "current" dates are relative to the international UTC timezone (distinct from GMT timezone used in the United Kingdom during automn and winter, because UTC does not apply any daylight saving).
    The ISO year required by this template may not necessarily match the Gregorian year only for some of the first days in January 1–3 and/or for some of the last days in December 29–31: The current Gregorian year returned by {{#time:Y}}={{CURRENTYEAR}}=2017 will not be the correct value on these dates.
    • An ISO year yyyy counts 53 ISO weeks if and only if {{#time:W|yyyy-12-31}} returns 53 (that ISO week will also include 2 or 3 days in January of the next Gregorian year, because December 31 necessarily falls on Friday if this occurs on leap years, or on Thursday on common years). These "long" ISO years may be leap or common years, and they are falling apart by 5, 6, or 7 years.
    • Otherwise that same ISO year counts 52 ISO weeks (but December 31 may be either part of ISO week 1 of the next ISO year if it falls between Monday to Wednesday, or part of ISO week 52 otherwise). These "short" ISO years may be leap or common years, and are the most frequent ones.
    • The number of ISO weeks (52 or 53) in an ISO year yyyy is also returned directly by {{#time:W|yyyy-12-28}} because December 28 is always part of the last ISO week of any ISO year.
  • {{Featured date|year1|week1|week2}} for a range of weeks, specified by the ISO year and ISO week number of the first publciation, and the last ISO week number (if the second week number is lower than the first one, it is assumed to be on next year). Note that the image will be categorized only once, for the first week indicated.

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  • {{Featured}} is used to render the information box before the image descriptions (it is also translatable).