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This is used mainly to give details about settlements. See the page titled Places for an introduction on its usage.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo

Administratively declared places

place country Node Maan nimi
place state Node Area See boundary=administrative, admin_level=* varies; may not be used in all countries.
place region Node Area See boundary=administrative, admin_level=* varies; may not be used in all countries. For natural regions other keys should be searched.
place province Node Area See boundary=administrative, admin_level=* varies; may not be used in all countries.
place district Node Area See boundary=administrative, admin_level=* varies; may not be used in all countries.
place county Node Area See boundary=administrative, admin_level=* varies; may not be used in all countries.
place municipality Node Area See boundary=administrative, admin_level=* varies; depending on the country a collection of arbitrary hamlets, villages and towns may form an administrative unit; sometimes members of a unit reform or join with another municipality as a result of political process. Within a municipality individual settlements are a lot less connected than those within a city, where they have grown connected over time.

Populated settlements, urban

place city Node Area Kaupungin nimi
place borough Node Area See boundary=administrative, depending on the country suburbs in larger cities are often grouped into administrative units called boroughs or city districts; using the value borough avoids name confusion in countries that declare districts within their states or counties.
place suburb Node Area Lähiön nimi
place quarter Node Area A named part of a bigger settlement where this part is smaller than a suburb and bigger than a neighbourhood. This does not have to be an administrative entity.
The term quarter is sometimes used synonymously for neighbourhood.
place neighbourhood Node Area A named part of a place=village, a place=town or a place=city. Smaller than place=suburb and place=quarter.
The term quarter is sometimes used synonymously for neighbourhood, but may also stand for borough or suburb and hence is often avoided in OSM. See Wikipedia-16px.png Quarter_(urban_subdivision)
place city_block Node Area A named city block that is part of a place=city. See Wikipedia-16px.png City_block
place plot Node Area A named plot is a tract or parcel of land owned or meant to be owned by some owner.

Populated settlements, urban and rural

place town Node Area Kunnan (keskustaajaman) nimi
place village Node Area Kylän nimi
place hamlet Node Area Pienen kylän tai tilan nimi
place isolated_dwelling Node Area Smallest kind of human settlement. No more than 2 households.
place farm Node Area A farm that has its own name. If the farm is not a part of bigger settlement use place=isolated_dwelling. See also landuse=farmyard
place allotments Node Area Dacha or cottage settlement, which is located outside other inhabited locality. This value is used mainly in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union, where a lot of such unofficial settlements exist

Other places

place continent Node Area Mantereen nimi
place archipelago Relation Identifies the relation of an archipelago, which contains several islands and islets.
place island Area Suuren tai merkittävän saaren nimi. Pienemmille saarilla voi käyttää place=islet mutta tarkkaa kokorajaa ei toistaiseksi ole sovittu.
place islet Node Area Identifies an islet (< 1 km2).
place square Node Area For a [W] square in a town (English: square, French: place, German: Platz, Italian: piazza, Spanish: plaza, Russian: площадь).
place locality Node Area Nimetty paikka, joka ei ole asutuskeskittymä tai muu erikseen merkattu esim. tunturi, järvi tai rakennus.
place User Defined Node Area All commonly used values according to Taginfo

Additional attributes

population Number Node Area Paikan asukasluku. Voitaisiin käyttää pienempien paikkojen syrjimiseen kun muutoin samaluokituksisten paikkojen nimet eivät mahdu kartalle.
name Text Node Area To define the name of a place.
postal_code Text Node Way Area Postinumero
addr:postcode Text Node Way Area Some communities are using this tag on places, areas, street relations, according Karlsruhe Schema instead of 'postal_code' tag. This is not recommended, since it clashes with addressing.
reference_point yes Node Way Area Named landmarks used to identify locations (common in some countries).
is_in Text Node Way Area Kohteen sijainnin kertomiseen (esim. pienelle kylälle is_in=Joroinen, Finland) ellei se muutoin tule ilmi.

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