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GPS unit:

  •  ? €
  • purpose: ? type: ? (Navigation: ?)
  • CPU:? (OS: ?), Flash:? (external: ?)
  • GPS: ? channels, ( aug: ?, dops: ? )
  • Display: , Connectivity:
  • Internal: ? Batteries: ?
? Addresses ? POIs
? Mass Storage mode ? Waterproof

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A Template to abstract the content from representation on GPS reviews. So the items can be described using named properties in a confortable way and aggregated for dynamic and complex overview tables.


  • migrate all table items GPS reviews
    • (extend template for unexpected gps unit features)
  • migrate all brand/gps family pages
  • outsource items to the single brand/gps family wiki pages
  • configure user:TTTBot


You don't have to provide all information but try to gather as much as possible to get a nice overview for different perspectives of your GPS (use e.g. for mapping, routing, ...).


Wikitext Output
|cpu=ARM7 400MHz
|batteries=AA * 2

GPS unit: Garmin abc

  • 100€
  • Website: www.example.com/product/abc
  • automotive;outdoor;gis pda;phone;Receiver;logger;navigator (Navigation: no;direction;sketch;routing)
  • CPU:ARM7 400MHz (OS: WinCE;Linux), Flash:16MB (external: cf;ms;mmc;sd;sm;xd)
  • GPS: 12 channels, ( waas;egnos;msas;rtcm;agps;dgps, vdop;hdop;pdop )
  • Display: color;monochrome, Connectivity: usb;rs232;ps2;bluethooth;irda;wlan;activeSync;synce
  • Internal: compass;altimeter;mic;speaker;digicam Batteries: AA * 2
yes;no Addresses yes;no POIs
Yes check.svg Mass Storage mode ? Waterproof