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There are a lot of types of features which are mapped as either a node or a building, like a shop, an amenity or an office. This template guides how to map such a feature. And it can be included in a 'How to map' section of tag description pages.

This template can help to reduce work to write, to modify and to tranlsate descriptions frequently used.


{{How to map as a building|[<langcode>]}}

When <langcode> is omitted, a language of the page includes this template is used. If this template doesn't support it, English text is used.


{{How to map as a building}}

Result: Set a node Node or draw as an area Area along the building outline.

{{How to map as a building|ja}}

Result: ノード Node を設置するか、建物の輪郭をエリア Area として描くかしてください。