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Touch/Tablet OSM Editor (TosmE)
User-Information and Help

How to use it

  • New node: Tap at a free place to create a new node. (only one way edit at the moment)
  • Select a node: Tap on it. A way-end is selected to append this way.
  • Move a node: Touch and shift.
  • Merge two nodes: Move one node above its neighbor.
  • Delete a node #1: Lift the finger during move of the node. "Flip it of the screen."
  • Delete a node #2: Touch on it and stay for 1 second. "Squash it." [NEW with V0.15]
  • Undo Delete: Tap on the deleted node, which is displayed as a circle [NEW with 0.16]

  • Double-Tap May be used to test it, but there is no action implemented.

What is TosmE?

"TosmE" is a prototype to work out how to edit ways and areas only by touch gestures. You may run it from the FOSSGIS server
It's tested on iPad (1 and 3) and iPhone with Safari. It works with mouse to, but gestures are hard to do.

More about the development: TosmE