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Counties in North East England County Durham · Northumberland · Tyne and Wear · North Yorkshire (partly)
Tyne and Wear, North East England
latitude: 54.983, longitude: -1.558
Browse map of Tyne and Wear 54°58′58.80″ N, 1°33′28.80″ W
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Tyne and Wear is a county in North East England at latitude 54°58′58.80″ North, longitude 1°33′28.80″ West.

Tyne and Wear Relation 154376 (iD, JOSM, Potlatch2, history, analyze, manage, XML, GPX) is a ceremonial county and metropolitan county in the North East region of England, around the mouths of the rivers Tyne and Wear. It is made up of the metropolitan districts of Gateshead, Newcastle, North Tyneside, South Tyneside and Sunderland. It borders the ceremonial counties of Northumberland and County Durham.

Cities and Large Towns

The following table shows the progress with mapping various cities and large towns in Tyne and Wear. See also Category:Cities in UK, Category:UK towns and Category:Users_in_Northumberland.

Please add a city or large town that you're interested in or tracking/mapping here. Try to keep the list ordered by Town Name. Where necessary create a sub page to try and keep this table quite succinct.

%age complete
Postal Area Town Name Position Tracks Mapped Labelled Notes
Newcastle upon Tyne  ?%  ?%  ?% Several user are active here. Much of the central city is done, need to move out towards North and South Tyneside active here
North Tyneside  ?%  ?%  ?% User User:Paulhurleyuk is (barely) active here
Gateshead  ?%  ?%  ?%
Sunderland  ?%  ?%  ?%
South Tyneside  ?%  ?%  ?%

Tyne and Wear Metro

The Metro covers the metropolitan county with 60 stations, with some stretches underground. It appears to have been fully mapped in OSM.

The Metro is operated by Nexus and Wikipedia has lots more info, including a map.