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The purpose of the NPS Tagging "Wiki" is to provide guidance on contributing and tagging OSM data within US National Park footprints in such a manner that provides a consisten methodology for capturing, mapping, and rendering data and maps using OSM.

Numerous National Park units manage GIS data collection efforts which includes updates to trails, roads, streams, points of interest, and topography. These data are considered "Core Base Data" and are thourougly vetted to present "Authoritative Data" to the public.

National Park Service "Tagging" involves migrating these data into OSM. Where vector lines (roads, streams) cross the park boundaries, nodes should be edge matched for linear continuity of features that cross the boundary. It is best to work only in small geographic regions of a park at one time, which limits node updates to 1 or 2 roads and a dozen trails at one time, as to avoid issues associated with massive, bulk imports. Given that some park visitor services are closed seasonally, appropriate tags should reflect hours/months of operation. OSM leadership has requested that the NPS does not sponsor bulk imports of NPS data, given the long lead time during editing which can cause performance issues on the OSM server.

There are no plans to include unplanned closure tags, such as those due to construction or natural disaster.

A key benefit of the NPS contribution to the OSM project is to give providers of location-based services (GPS, on-line mapping, map publishers, on-line routing) necessary map data in order to provide the public SAFE and ACCURATE navigation options within national parks and to assist in locating visitor services.

ONLY data that is made available to the public via the [NPS Data Store] can be contributed to OSM by National Park Service employees and official volunteers. Under no circumstance can the National Park Service make data available exclusively to a third-party, such as a mapping web page. Nor can the National Park Service publish data that can identify the location of a sensitive resource and/or allow map data to be used in a manner that threatens a federally protected resource. In addition, the National Park Service will not publish map data that, when used as a navigation tool, can expose employees or visitors to hazardous situations. Data that cannot be made available to the public, through any interface includes data that is protected by federal law.

OSM mappers are free, of course, to contribute any data they wish to OSM within NPS unit footprints, either sourced from the NPS web page or from their own sources.

We recommend that OSM Mappers "adopt" a park and document their involvement on the [WikiProject US National Parks page.] One way to get involved with contributing NPS data to OSM is to contact your local National Park and get a handle on the data they have.

This US National Park Service Tagging Wiki is set up to provide a separate wiki page for each tagging scenario, to provide detailed information on each NPS tagging theme. This also keeps most of the text for each page "above the fold." We encourage OSM mappers to contribute data and to the wiki!

We also encourage NPS OSM Mappers to join the [Talk-NPS Mailing List]


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Natural Features

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Points of Interest=

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Converting National Park Service Maps into OpenStreetMap tags

The National Park Service Harpers Ferry Center develops and maintains public map symbols. Below is a chart to help convert from National Park Service symbols to OSM tags.

Data that are imported into OSM by the National Park Service are tagged source=NPS.

NPS Symbol Description OSM tag Proposed Tag Interim Tag
NPS 4 wheel drive trail.svg
4-Wheel Drive Road highway=track atv=*
NPS airplane dark.svg
Airport aeroway=aerodrome
NPS amphitheater.svg
Amphitheather amenity=theatre
NPS bicycle trail.svg
Bicycle Trail route=bicycle
NPS boatlaunch.svg
Boat Launch leisure=slipway
NPS boat tour.svg
Boat Tour route=ferry
NPS bus stop.svg
Bus stop/Shuttle stop highway=bus_stop
NPS campfire.svg
Campfire leisure=firepit
NPS tent.svg
Campground tourism=camp_site
NPS canoe access.svg
Canoe access sport=canoe
NPS downhill skiing.svg
Downhill skiing piste:type=downhill
NPS drinking water.svg
Drinking water amenity=drinking_water
NPS emergency telephone.svg
Emergency telephone emergency=phone
NPS first aid.svg
First Aid Staion amenity=firstaid emergency=aed
NPS fishing.svg
Fishing Area leisure=fishing
NPS gas station.svg
Gas Station amenity=fuel
NPS golfing.svg
Golfing leisure=golf_course
NPS horseback riding.svg
Horseback Riding leisure=horse_riding
NPS hospital.svg
Hospital amenity=hospital
NPS ice skating.svg
Ice Skating sport=skating
NPS information.svg
Information tourism=information information=guidepost
NPS litter receptacle.svg
Litter Receptacle amenity=waste_basket
NPS lodging.svg
Lodging tourism=hotel
NPS marina.svg
Marina leisure=marina
NPS m.svg
Metro Stop highway=bus_stop
NPS motor bike trail.svg
Motor Bike Trail highway=track and atv=*
NPS nordic trail.svg
Nordic Trail route=ski piste:type=nordic
NPS parking.svg
Parking amenity=parking
NPS pets on leash.svg
Pets Allowed On Leash Area none
NPS post office.svg
Post Office amenity=post_office
NPS picnic site.svg
Picnic Site leisure=picnic_site
NPS radiator water.svg
Radiator Water none
NPS ranger station.svg
Ranger Station amenity=ranger_station
NPS recycling.svg
Recycling amenity=recycling
NPS restaurant.svg
Restaurant amenity=restaurant
NPS restrooms.svg
Restrooms amenity=toilets
NPS rv campground.svg
RV Campground tourism=camp_site
NPS sailing.svg
Sailing sport=sailing
NPS sanitary disposal station.svg
Sanitary Disposal Station amenity=dumpstation
NPS scuba diving.svg
Scuba Diving sport=scuba_diving
NPS self guiding trail.svg
Self Guiding Trail none
NPS shelter.svg
Shelter amenity=shelter shelter_type=*
NPS showers.svg
Showers amenity=shower
NPS sledding.svg
Snow Sledding piste:type=sled
NPS snowmobile trail.svg
Snowmobile Trail highway=path snowmobile=designated
NPS stable.svg
Stable amenity=stable
NPS store.svg
Store shop=general
NPS swimming.svg
Swimming Area leisure=swimming_pool or sport=swimming
NPS trailhead.svg
Trailhead none
NPS telephone.svg
Telephone amenity=telephone
NPS wheelchair accessible.svg
Wheelchair Accessible wheelchair=yes
NPS wind surfing.svg
Wind Surfing Area sport=windsurfing