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Trams in the United Kingdom

A project to map the United Kingdom's tram networks.

Status started

This is a list of tram systems in the United Kingdom, along with references to them in OSM.

Tram system Network Routes Notes
Blackpool tramway Not mapped
Croydon Tramlink Relation 189917 Relation Route 1 Relation Route 2 Relation Route 3 Complete - but order of stops on route relations is incorrect (use relation pages or ö to verify)
Edinburgh Trams (Under construction)
Great Orme Tramway (Llandudno) Relation Lower Section Relation Upper Section
Midland Metro Relation Line 1
Manchester Metrolink Relation Eccles Line Relation Altrincham Line Relation Route G: northbound Relation Route G: southbound Relation Route H: inbound Relation Route H: outbound Relation Route I: inbound Relation Route I: outbound Relation Route J: outbound Relation Route J: inbound In the process of re-vamping routes to reflect current pattern. Order of stops in some relations needs minor amendment. Arguably the Rochdale & Bury lines (north of Victoria), Altrincham and East Didsbury lines (south of St Peter's Square) should be re-tagged as Light Rail. Eccles is definitely correct as tram - Ashton and Airport lines are debatable.
Sheffield Supertram Relation Yellow Line Relation Purple Line Relation Blue Line
Nottingham Express Transit Relation Line 1