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Example of the OpenStreetBrowser (Aug. 2010)
Very first results of a topo map (April 2011)
Latest results of a topo map (Oct 2011)

Hello OSM friends!

My name is Stefan and I live in southern Germany. In 2007 I accidently came to OSM and did (and still do) alot of mapping mainly in northern Bavaria... ;-)

I am one of the people working on the OpenStreetBrowser. It happend that I came to this project in January 2010. I asked Skunk (the father of the OSB) how I could contribute to this great project and so my first task was to create svg-icons for the overlays. Now I think about how to improve the user interface of the OSB (plugins for navigation, measurements, gpx import etc.)

In March 2011 Mogstar and I started the project OpenTopoMap on a server at the University Erlangen-Nürnberg. Our aim is to render a map with contour lines, hillshading and simply a "professional" look (something like the official TK50). Update: Work is going on, but please be patient. It still takes some time before being officially announced... (Mar. 2012)

Furthermore I am quite interested in the Garmin topo osm map by Ralf Kleineisel.

In 2011 I attended the State of the Map Europe in Vienna. In 2012 I was at the FOSSGIS 2012 and did a lightning talk together with Mogstar about OpenTopoMap.

Got any questions? Please write me an email via my osm account. Don't be shy to contact me!