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How did I contribute to OSM?

Though I gradually expand the set of things that I pay attention to when I map, I generally like to map building outlines, addresses, and points of interest.

I started contributing to OSM in New Hampshire, but in mid-2014 I moved to Portland, Oregon.

I've been mapping the following things in and around New Hampshire until mid-2014:

Things that I would like to get sorted out:

  • Road tagging for officially designated roads (at least in New Hampshire). Every once in a while someone, often from outside this area comes by and changes the highway=* and/or route relation on some roads, leaving the map in a generally inconsistent state. Also, when this happens, usually the entrances/exits are not changed as well, so you'll end up with a highway=primary with a bunch of highway=secondary_link further degrading the appearance of the map.

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I support OSM by being a
member of the
OpenStreetMap Foundation

Are you?