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This template can show the progress of e.g. a route inside a table cell with the same background color as in Template:Map_status.

Feel free to discuss the ranges or the usage of more/other colors on Template_talk:Progress.

How it will look like

Of course there will appear your percentage in front of the percent sign.

Range Display Comment
(empty)  ? status unknown
0 to 19 11% no or little data
20 to 39 29% partial data
40 to 59 54% halfway there
60 to 79 65% largely complete
80 to 99 91% almost complete
100 100% complete
100+ 100% complete (verified by another mapper)


Everything before:

| Something

This is the table cell having a coloured background:

| {{Template:Progress|[here comes your percentage]}}

Everything after:

| Something

The percentage can be an integer or a float. E.g. 53.2 works as well.

If you don't want the percentage being displayed just add a second parameter with the alternate text (shouldn't be empty as it's not working then).

| {{Template:Progress|23|[[Image:Picto_Housenumbers.png]]}}

would become something like this:

Picto Housenumbers.png