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System-users-3.svgMikkel Kirkgaard Nielsen (on osm).
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prefers to go outside and map.
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Danish mapping notes

Personlige noter om udbredte/anvendte tag-kombinationer, mest for at huske og være konsekvent.

Jeg vil mappe Tags at bruge Note Eksempel
Sognehus, kirkeligt amenity=community_centre, community_centre=parish_hall, religion=christian se Church_hall
Ungdomshus amenity=community_centre, community_centre:for=juvenile
Medborgerhus, seniorer amenity=community_centre, community_centre:for=senior
Håndværker (tømrer, murer etc) craft=* (tømrer: carpenter, elektriker: electrician, maler: painter, VVS: plumber)
Dagpleje amenity=childcare dagpleje i privat hjem (oa.)
Fabrik/produktionsfacilitet man_made=works, product=* (trævarer: wood, indpakning: packaging) (wood)
Spejderhytte/område tourism=camp_site, scout=yes, access=private
Gylletank/ejlebeholder building=slurry_tank gylle (da) = manure slurry (en)
gylletank (da) = (farm) slurry pit (el. tank/lagoon/store) (en)
Kornplante-producerende enhed produce=cereal kornplante/sort (da) = cereal (en)
korn (når separeret fra strået) (da) = grain (en)
Rideskole leisure=horse_riding Område der omkranser hele udstrækningen af rideskole-arealet
Hestefold (midlertidig placering) landuse=animal_keeping, animal_keeping=horse, animal_keeping:type=paddock] fold (da) = paddock (en), også corral i vestlige Amerika
typisk uden græs, hvor man har behov for at at "parkere" hesten, f.eks. udenfor stalden
Hestefold (permanent ophold) landuse=animal_keeping, animal_keeping=horse, animal_keeping:type=open_stable] Til permanent/fuldtids ophold, adgang til vand og mad

Liste af kendte kædebutikker og deres tagning


Places I plan to go and trace.

What Map link Date added Date traced Date mapped
Trace actual outline of ways in new industrial area around SE HQ at Vilsundvej (and two other unnamed ways) in Kjersing. 2013-01-08
Trace new industrial area being layed out in Kjersing. It is located opposite of Nordskrænten, in the roundabout intersection Nordskrænten/Storebæltsvej. There is one building on the corner being constructed at the moment. Haven't seen any planing or mentions of this anywhere yet. 2013-01-08 2013-05-28
Trace actual outline of ways and quays at new East Harbour in Esbjerg, when completed (and accessible?). Official plans say constructions should be finished around 2015. The already existing map of the area is based on municipality plans available at 2013-01-08
Outline of new buildings at CVU Vest, Esbjerg. 2011-12-19
New cyclepath from roundabout Storebæltsvej/Nordskrænten to the new Kjersing industrial area. 2011-12-19 2012-05-06 2012-05-07

Some places I care about that needs improvement.

What Map link Date added Date mapped
Sydvestjysk Sygehus Esbjerg (SVJS), needs to be combined on a single amenity=hospital grounds area as described on [hospital] instead of multiple non-associated amenity=hospital tagged buildings. 2013-01-08
Add building names, block numbers, entrances and parking areas of Sydvestjysk Sygehus Esbjerg (SVJS) as indicated on map at 2013-01-08
Complete buildings and POIs in central Esbjerg. 2013-01-08


Note: Personal stuff below is a bit outdated, will update when the sun and the moon permits.

I'm Mikkel Kirkgaard Nielsen living in the Kingdom of Denmark.

I'm based in Esbjerg the 5th largest city with a population of approximately 80'000. Esbjerg is known for smelling of fish (Esbjerg was put where it is to make a seaport to the North Sea in late 1800, see Esbjerg) but today services to North Sea oil platforms are the most active industry.

I am employed as embedded software developer and I am deeply devoted to freeing software and information for the benefit of all, look at my homepage if you are more interested in me personally ;).

My maps

I've done most of my mapping in the Esbjerg area (especially detailed around my work and my house in Gammelby) but try to map anywhere I happen to drive/walk/cycle.

* Vacation 2006: Kollund and around German border, + a day trip to Als 
* Vacation 2007: Djursland, mostly Nørre Djurs and around Grenå 

Equipment & trace logging

Historically I started tracing using my HP iPaq h2210 and Sanav BT-48 bluetooth GPS receiver, together with the VisualGPSce application for PocketPC, using gpsbabel to convert log files from NMEA 0813 -> GPX.

Nowadays I use both my Sony Ericsson X10i mini pro Android based mobile phone with the rough-edged but no fuss GPS Tracker Lite and my Garmin Forerunner 405 for tracing.


I make a great effort of documenting my traces, writing down streetnames, notes on intersection, street numbers, and whatever meta information I can comprehend while driving. This is all uploaded in the description field of my traces (and yes, it's routinely too small, so I resort to clever text compression tricks at the moment :)

I think this is a very important task for two resaons. First, it provides the raw data for other map editors, to position elements as precisely as possible. And secondly, to be able to completely ridicule and deny any future accusations on OSM for copyright infringements. I think that is bound to happen, when the current commercial data providers feel threathened enough.

Se my traces at

CO2 neutrality

One thing I try not to do (too much at least :), is mapping by car for the sake of mapping. The vast majority of my traces is done on ordinary daily errands, that I would do anyway. Thats why many of my traces are not too concentrated around any given area.

But I still can't help the fill-in-the-blanks OSM syndrom, so when a deroute is needed to cover a missing corner, its done ;)