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Your Activities as Mapper/Developer?

Please give me a short list of your contributions to OSM (both editing and programming). Have you edited using multiple OSM accounts which are not listed at Foundation/AGM15/Election_to_Board? Which OSM related software and websites do/did you develope? Please give me a short list and/or a link to your Github profile.

Your Personal Business Involvement

Do you use OSM at work for business purposes? Do you earn money by developing OSM-related software/websites? Do you earn money by editing at OSM (aka paid mapping)?

Being Paid By HOT or a Similar Organization

Please answer either question 1 or 2. If you are paid by HOT or another organization from the field of humanitarian response and development aid, how can you ensure that you are independent from employer?

If you are paid by a company which uses OSM very much and is very interested in OSM, how can you ensure that you are independent from your employer's opinion?

SotM Finances

How much profit should OSMF make with a SotM?

Aim of SotM

What should the aim of SotM conference be? SotM is the main conference and the only one directly organized by OSMF. What should the talks be about? Should SotM WG/program comittee give preference for one special range of topics or should they deal all topics equally?

Scholarships – Source of Money

Who should pay the scholarships OSMF grants for SotM conference?

Scholarships – Expenses per Recipient

How much money should each recipient get?

Schloarships – What to Do If Money Runs Out?

What would you do if you have only money to grant five scholarships but you have eight applicants who are worth to get a scholarship?

Trademark OpenStreetMap

Do you have any plans how to protect the trademark "OpenStreetMap"? What should OSMF do if a company uses a name starting with "OpenStreet", e.g. "OpenStreetView"?

Trademark State of the Map

OSMF has successfully registered "State of the Map" as a trademark. Should this right just be used to ensure that nobody uses "State of the Map" for non OSM-purposes?

Third-Party Editor Policy

MAPS.ME has introduced an OSM editor into its maps application. This caused a lot of newbies editing OSM. That's not really a problem at all but MAPS.ME showed that a single bug or a wrong design decision can cause hundreds of changesets to be either corrected or reverted manually. See Maps.Me/Questionable_OSM_Edits and the mailing lists for details. In addition the number of MAPS.ME users who respond to changeset comments is very low.

Should OSM have a Third-Party Editor Policy which describes what we expect from developers of OSM editors? Editors which are hosted at or still used very much (this means Potlatch 1/2, iD, JOSM and Merkatoor) are excepted from this guideline because OSM community is already involved very much into their developement.

You Missed Your Connection

Imagine a train journey through a European country (e.g. Germany, Italy, France, UK, …) and at a station you missed the connection due to a delay of the first train. You have to wait two hours. The station is equipped with a waiting room, a café, a newspaper agent and a ticket shop. All of these three facilities are not closed. What will you do during the next two hours?