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Please note that I'm now mainly editing as OSM user opani.

I'm a resident of Rijswijk, South Holland and have been an active OSM mapper since Spring 2008

My mapping projects

  • The Hague area: Rijswijk, The Hague, Westland, Middendelfland, Delft, Rottemeren, Wassenaar and some other areas
  • Cycle node network Zuid Holland
  • Juelsminde/Horsens/Vejle area in Denmark
  • Uploading/cleaning coastline of Greenland (finished)
  • Power lines in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland
  • Far North Queensland, Australia (remapping after licence change, adding landuse, roads, rivers etc)
  • BAG Import of addresses and buildings The Netherlands (using special account opani_BAG)

My proposals

My maperitive rules

Other stuff

See the scratchpad.